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Bad Credit Car Loans Available Near Vancouver

The SMART Choice

At Richmond Chrysler, we can give you a bad credit car loan no matter what your credit line looks like. Good credit or bad credit, Richmond Chrysler doesn’t wish to discriminate. We know having a vehicle is essential for committing to your responsibilities, so if we can make purchasing a vehicle any easier then Richmond Chrysler has done its job.

Anyone can approve for an auto loan when applying with Richmond Chrysler. Not only do we accept poor credit lines, but we’ll take no credit, as well. We have great financing options available with plenty of selection to choose from. Forget buying online as we have previously owned models to show you, all with proper inspections.

Let our sales associates introduce you to a vehicle that meets all your needs- with affordable pricing options – despite what your line of credit may look like. Come down today to check out our selection of Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeeps!

Five-Star Certification in Customer Service

Richmond Chrysler has won Chrysler Canada’s Highest Honour of Customer Satisfaction

Chrysler Canada’s “Doctor in the House” award

We’ve also gained the Highest Honour for Service Technician Training

We offer service in 9 languages to serve our community better

We embrace our multicultural community and want to help everyone gain reliable transportation.

Why Choose Richmond Chrysler

Richmond Chrysler is Your Number One Dealer for A Car Loan Despite Your Previous History

Good or bad credit we at Richmond Chrysler are here to assist you in purchasing a car and we could care less about your credit history. That’s your business! Ours is selling you an affordable option in trucks, cars, SUVs, or Vans without having to compromise your needs and wants.

Guaranteed Flexible Financing Without the Wait!

We offer instant financing options, so you don’t have to wait to find out if you qualify for your vehicle or not! We have amortizations for up to 96 months which can ease any monthly payment into something affordable. This is accompanied by vehicle return dates of 36,48, or 69 months.

No Credit? No Problem!

At Richmond Chrysler we’re dedicated to doing our best getting you into whichever vehicle that suites your needs. This means if you’re new in the market of purchasing a vehicle and don’t have a credit line yet, we can still help you! Our staff can assist you in any questions you may have about our more affordable car line ups, previously owned vehicles, and financing options which accommodates your wallet.

You Choose Your Financing Options

We’re flexible at Richmond Chrysler and the control is in your hands for how you’d like to set up your payments. Amortizations are up to 96 months with the option low month payments in the form of bi-weekly, weekly, or semi-monthly.

What does it take to be a dealership in our modern world? Does it take having a team of professionals that really love what they do and want to ensure that each and every person that works with us is offered the care, the peace-of-mind, and the results that make a difference and put drivers into the vehicles that they deserve? Does it take knowing that you have the resourceful departments to connect individuals with the right person to handle your specific need? Does it come down to competitive pricing and facilities to keep you driving your vehicle for years to come? At Richmond Chrysler we believe, like our vehicles that it comes down to having a dealership that’s the best combination of all these things. Whether you want to focus in a specific department or professional working for you, or you look at our store as a whole – there’s plenty of reasons to put your trust in our team. The team at Richmond Chrysler wants you to know that there’s never been a dealership quite like ours. That may seem a little bold to state outright, but with industry recognition that includes earning a Five-Star Certification from Chrysler Canada for Highest Honour for Customer Satisfaction in addition to Chrysler Canada’s “Doctor in the House” award for Highest Honor for Service Technician Training, well, it’s difficult not to appreciate all the effort we put into making an impression – and a great one at that!

Our Customers Love Us

Jordan and Dominik were so helpful in finding me the exact vehicle I wanted. They spent so much time and energy helping me and were so patient with me! Thank you guys for making my first time buying from a dealership such an amazing, stress free experience! I appreciate it so much, and have recommended you to every possible person that has asked about my jeep! I highly recommend these two for all of your vehicle needs! Thank you so much!!

Mikaela Newton

Excellent customer service! I had to take my Jeep in for an airbag recall and a cylinder head issue awhile back. My Jeep was in the shop for awhile, but Justin Chiang was there to take good care of me. He made sure that I had a loaner car the whole time due to the complexity of the Jeep issue. Fran the receptionist was also SUPER friendly and very helpful as well. Keep up the great work guys!

Danny Hua

The staff was professional and took the time to consider what I needed. They didn't try to take advantage of me. They gave me a fair price for what I purchased. They were organized and fast which made the process quick and painless. If I was to finance or buy a car again, I would definitely used them in the future.

Joshua Jonsen