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Dodge Ram 1500 for Sale near Vancouver

The SMART Choice

Imagine waking up in the morning to a landscape of white snow and not having to a feeling of doubt if you’re even going to make it to work at all that day- let alone on time. Or on the flip side, enjoying some summer sunshine making your way to explore some of British Columbia’s hidden gems. Whichever situation you find yourself in with Canada’s always changing climate, the Dodge Ram 1500 is created to handle it all. Dodge Ram 1500 holds its spot as one of the leading competitors in the trucking community. This assertion is backed up Consumers Digest by winning its “Best Buy” award in not only 2017 but 2015, 2014, and 2013, as well. Plenty of hard work and dedication goes into constructing each year of Ram 1500. The designers, engineers and producers all take pride in their jobs and it shows with amazing results. Find your own Dodge Ram 1500 at Richmond Chrysler located near Vancouver, B.C. At Richmond Chrysler we have plenty of selection in Ram 1500s with many models coming with available upgrades. Our prices are ones to beat and we implore you to come on down to see for yourself. Let our friendly sales associates assist you by answering any questions you may have or take you for a test drive!

Five-Star Certification in Customer Service

Richmond Chrysler has won Chrysler Canada’s Highest Honour of Customer Satisfaction

Chrysler Canada’s “Doctor in the House” award

We’ve also gained the Highest Honour for Service Technician Training

We offer service in 9 languages to serve our community better

We embrace our multicultural community and want to help everyone gain reliable transportation.

Why Choose Richmond Chrysler

Precision Engineering Creates Top Performance to Help Get the Job Done

The engine of the Dodge Ram 1500 can handle any job thrown its way. The 3.6L Pentastar VVT V6 comes standard in the latest Ram 1500 conveying power, durability, and precision in tasks it performs. This engine comes with 305 horsepower and is capable of 269 lb-ft of torque.

The Vehicle to Handle Whatever Mother Nature Throws Your Way

When testing the Ram 1500 producers and engineers knew that many customers need reliability in their pickup truck; especially if it’s being used for work. Ram 1500 owners can be assured their truck can handle heavy rain, unpredictable snow, icy road conditions, and strong wind. The latest Ram 1500 is tested in harsh environments ranging in temperatures between 49°C and -29°C. Sure enough, the Ram 1500 passed.

A Quiet Enough Cabin for A Sleeping Baby

There’s nothing worse than driving a larger vehicle to only hear the roar of the engine or feel every bump in the road. The interior of the Ram 1500 puts these troubles to rest with well designed seating built for comfort; hidden cargo storage to hide extra clutter; and smart technologies that make your drive a breeze.

Safety First Is a Motto Lived by The Designers of the Ram 1500

Safety is always a number one concern for Dodge when creating such powerful vehicles. The latest Ram 1500 comes with safety features including side curtain airbags, side-impact door beams, electronic stability control, and four-wheel disc antilock brakes to name a few. This is accompanied by a 4/5 star NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) rating.

What does it take to be a dealership in our modern world? Does it take having a team of professionals that really love what they do and want to ensure that each and every person that works with us is offered the care, the peace-of-mind, and the results that make a difference and put drivers into the vehicles that they deserve? Does it take knowing that you have the resourceful departments to connect individuals with the right person to handle your specific need? Does it come down to competitive pricing and facilities to keep you driving your vehicle for years to come? At Richmond Chrysler we believe, like our vehicles that it comes down to having a dealership that’s the best combination of all these things. Whether you want to focus in a specific department or professional working for you, or you look at our store as a whole – there’s plenty of reasons to put your trust in our team. The team at Richmond Chrysler wants you to know that there’s never been a dealership quite like ours. That may seem a little bold to state outright, but with industry recognition that includes earning a Five-Star Certification from Chrysler Canada for Highest Honour for Customer Satisfaction in addition to Chrysler Canada’s “Doctor in the House” award for Highest Honor for Service Technician Training, well, it’s difficult not to appreciate all the effort we put into making an impression – and a great one at that!

Our Customers Love Us

Excellent customer service! I had to take my Jeep in for an airbag recall and a cylinder head issue awhile back. My Jeep was in the shop for awhile, but Justin Chiang was there to take good care of me. He made sure that I had a loaner car the whole time due to the complexity of the Jeep issue. Fran the receptionist was also SUPER friendly and very helpful as well. Keep up the great work guys!

Danny Hua

Jordan and Dominik were so helpful in finding me the exact vehicle I wanted. They spent so much time and energy helping me and were so patient with me! Thank you guys for making my first time buying from a dealership such an amazing, stress free experience! I appreciate it so much, and have recommended you to every possible person that has asked about my jeep! I highly recommend these two for all of your vehicle needs! Thank you so much!!

Mikaela Newton

The staff was professional and took the time to consider what I needed. They didn't try to take advantage of me. They gave me a fair price for what I purchased. They were organized and fast which made the process quick and painless. If I was to finance or buy a car again, I would definitely used them in the future.

Joshua Jonsen