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Jeep Grand Cherokee for Sale Richmond

Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Jeep Cherokee for Sale Richmond

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There is adventure waiting for you around every corner, just waiting for you to seize the moment and go for it. As someone living in our beautiful British Columbia, you know from personal experience how much there is to discover out there, from untouched forests, pristine lakes and rivers, breathtaking views from atop colossal mountains, and so much more. You’re not one to let the experience of such majestic sights pass you by, and yearn to see these and more within your lifetime. Not everything, by nature, has perfectly paved road to get you there, so you’ll need a special kind of vehicle to get you there and back, as well as offer the versatility you need to accommodate your daily needs. Adventure, capability, and versatility—that’s exactly what you get with a Jeep.For over 75 years, Jeep has lead the way in highly capable off-road vehicles, pushing 4x4 innovation and setting new standards that define the SUVs of today. From weekend warriors to world explorers, Jeep has been at the ready to take them ever further to where they want to go. Offering the most capable 4x4 vehicles in Canada, constantly field tested against real-world conditions, and constantly pushing the boundaries for what an SUV can do, a Jeep is your ultimate vehicle to get your adventures started.

At Richmond Chrysler, we offer a wide range of Jeep vehicles to suit any lifestyle needs. Whether you’re looking for the classic style and capability of the Jeep Cherokee, the compact yet powerful dependability of the Compass, the strength and affordability of the Patriot, the legendary status of the Wrangler, or the extra touch of comfort and refinement only found in the Grand Cherokee, we’ve got it all, and we have the perfect one just waiting for you to get you. Wherever life takes you, your Jeep will be with you to take you there and even further.Getting in the driver’s seat of your Jeep of choice couldn’t be easier—simply browse our selection online, and when you see the one that catches your eye, get in touch with us so you can book a test drive and get try it out!

Jeep SUVs for Sale Richmond
Five-Star Certification in Customer Service

Richmond Chrysler has won Chrysler Canada’s Highest Honour of Customer Satisfaction

Jeep SUVs for Sale Richmond
Chrysler Canada’s “Doctor in the House” award

We’ve also gained the Highest Honour for Service Technician Training

Jeep SUVs for Sale Richmond
We offer service in 9 languages to serve our community better

We embrace our multicultural community and want to help everyone gain reliable transportation.

Why Choose Richmond Chrysler

All You Need to Set Off

Whether it’s to drive along city streets, coast down stretches of highway, or head off into your next grand adventure, the Jeep Cherokee has you covered. With a spacious interior ready to accommodate both passengers and gear, advanced technology to keep you on track on-road or off, over 70 innovative safety features that help you drive confidently and with peace of mind, as well as fuel-efficient, Best-in-Class capability, your Cherokee is set to tackle just about anything life could throw at you.

A Jeep for the New Urban Driver

Jungles aren’t always trees and vines—cities have their own intricacies that call for a vehicle that can handle more than just your typical drive down the street. With the distinctive lines and fluid exterior of the all-new, completely redesigned Jeep Compass, you’ll find capability with an urban, upscale attitude. Best in its class for 4x4 capability, refined finishes inside and out, smart technologies that keep you connected and on track, the Compass brings a fresh take that makes for an unparalleled SUV.

The SUV that Keeps the Dream Alive

The world is full of new sights and experiences to offer, and you’re not the type to let any of it pass you by. You’ve always dreamed of going out and exploring the furthest reaches of the great outdoors, and the vehicle best suited to get you there and back is none other than the award-winning Jeep Wrangler. With Canada’s most capable 4x4 and FOUR WHEELER’s “4x4 of the Decade” winner at your disposal, you’re set to make your dreams a reality with Wrangler!

The Best of Capability and Refinement

There’s nothing wrong with wanting it all. Wanting exceptional capability, exquisite refinement, remarkable efficiency—on top of incredible—value is not too much to ask when it comes to the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Best-in-class power, 4x4 capability, towing and fuel economy are all just scratching the surface. As the most awarded SUV ever, you can bet the Grand Cherokee checks all the right boxes and will pleasantly exceed your expectations.

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What does it take to be a dealership in our modern world? Does it take having a team of professionals that really love what they do and want to ensure that each and every person that works with us is offered the care, the peace-of-mind, and the results that make a difference and put drivers into the vehicles that they deserve? Does it take knowing that you have the resourceful departments to connect individuals with the right person to handle your specific need? Does it come down to competitive pricing and facilities to keep you driving your vehicle for years to come?At Richmond Chrysler we believe, like our vehicles that it comes down to having a dealership that’s the best combination of all these things. Whether you want to focus in a specific department or professional working for you, or you look at our store as a whole – there’s plenty of reasons to put your trust in our team.The team at Richmond Chrysler wants you to know that there’s never been a dealership quite like ours. That may seem a little bold to state outright, but with industry recognition that includes earning a Five-Star Certification from Chrysler Canada for Highest Honour for Customer Satisfaction in addition to Chrysler Canada’s “Doctor in the House” award for Highest Honor for Service Technician Training, well, it’s difficult not to appreciate all the effort we put into making an impression – and a great one at that!

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"Excellent Service"Bought a brand new Ram 3500 in July 2016 Brought my truck in for Its first Service I dealt with Justin in Service and he was Phenomenal! I have dealt with a lot of Service people over the years at different dealerships, and Justin is First class!! Attention to detail and addressing all concerns were top of the list with Justin. I was even recommended things that I did not think of. A big Thank You to Justin and Richmond Chrysler. I will definitely be recommending this Dealership to Friends and Family for a new car purchase and service.

Randall Maxwell

"Excellent Service!"Visited the dealership on Saturday since the tire light was on and I did not have an appointment. Was very busy at the time but Sadie took the time to come and fill air into the driver side tire. Was then told to drive around for a bit to see if the light would go off and if it didn't to come back again, but it did turn off. So glad that Sadie was there to help with her great customer service! Thanks a lot Sadie!


"Relaxed environment, no pressure to buy"Very positive experience. Rida provided all the information I was looking for and helped me pick out a great car for an awesome deal, without any pressure. If you're looking for the best deal on the lot for your money, Rida's the guy to talk to.